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I'm a naked gardener

May 14, 2023May 14, 2023

A SELF-proclaimed naked gardener has shared her off-the-grid lifestyle with her TikTok viewers.

The gardener is not afraid to free the tatas while weeding and her supporters say it actually helps her plants grow.

Known as @thenakedgardenerr on TikTok, the content creator posted a video of herself tending to a sunflower.

The gardener is wearing jean shorts, shoes, and a sun hat in the video, but is completely topless.

She wrote in the caption of the video: "Gardening without a bra," followed by a few emojis of a face screaming in fear.

However, viewers were not really shocked, but rather supportive of the gardener.

"Ohh, I heard that helps the plants grow," one TikTok user commented.

Someone else said: "Get that sunshine."

"Best way to garden," a third chimed in.

Another viewer called the gardener "absolutely amazing."

In another video, the gardener revealed more of her simple lifestyle.

She shared how she starts her day, by gathering what she needs to make a cup of coffee.

The gardener leaves her yurt, a traditional Mongolian portable round tent, to collect water from her water pump.

She has to look out for bears, cougars, and wolves as she travels through the foliage.

The gardener then chops wood for her wood stove and boils the water in her kettle.

She then grinds her coffee beans by hand and makes her drink using a French press.