Special Design for Lipstick Cosmetic Packaging Container

Special Design for Lipstick Cosmetic Packaging Container

Special Design For Lipstick Cosmetic Packaging Container Huijiang Packaging ADVANTAGES: 1. ISO audited. 2. Factory since
Basic Info
Certification ISO
Color Customized
Material HDPE.MDPE.LDPE/PP/Abl/Pbl
MOQ 5000PCS/Design
Size Dia 16-60mm Volume 3-300ml
Surface Handling Offset, Hot Stamping, Silk Screen, Labeling
Logo Client′s Logo
Diameter D16-60mm
Coating Glossy, Matte
Cap Screw Cap/Flip Top/Pump/Acrylic
Shape Round/Oval/Flat Oval
Transport Package Carton Outside and Plastic Bag Inside
Specification Dia 16-60mm volume 3-300ml
Trademark Customized
Origin China
HS Code 39239000
Production Capacity 10000000PCS/Month
Product Description

Special Design For Lipstick Cosmetic Packaging Container

Special Design for Lipstick Cosmetic Packaging Container

Special Design for Lipstick Cosmetic Packaging Container

Special Design for Lipstick Cosmetic Packaging Container

Huijiang Packaging ADVANTAGES:
1. ISO audited.
2. Factory since 2008.
3. MOQ starts from 5,000PCS.
4. Our lead time for normal products are 25-30 WORKING DAYS.
5. We offer FREE stock samples. PPS(Pre-Preduction Samples) will be carried out upon receipt of artworks.
6. 100% INSPECTION before delivery. The inspection report will be provided with every shipment.


What can Huijiang do for you?
Huijiang is a professional Cosmetic Tube manufacturer established in 2008. With years of experience, we are strong at R&D of tubes and caps.
We can produce plastic cosmetic tubes & metal cosmetic tubes in wide range, different sizes, multiple decorations & functions :


Two layers PE extrusion tube
There is convenient use, soft touch, fine scalability and impact resistance and exceptional chemical stabiiy.As the result of the bad gas barrier, the dissolved aromatic compounds will be easy to be oxidized.It can be applied to cleansing cream, hand cream, facial mask packaging and other cosmetics.

five-layers PE extrusion tube

Compared to two-layer tube,there are much better gas barrier properties and toughness;it can prevent 0xygen and other gases sinking into.In other words it also can stop dissolved aromatic compounds and other components sinking out efctivelylt can be applied to sun cream, hair cream, body lotion, ointment packaging and other functional products.

ABL tube(aluminium barrier laminated tube)

ABL tube is a kind of packaging container that is made of aluminum foil and plastic film through co-extrusion composite process and then processed into tubular shape by a special tube making machine. Its typical structure is PE/PE+ EAA/AL/PE+EAA/PE. ABL tube is mainly used for packaging cosmetics with high hygienic and barrier requirements. Its barrier layer is aluminum foil.

(1) High barrier, aluminum foil with light resistance, oxygen resistance and water resistance and other barrier properties, on the one hand can prevent external substances into the cosmetics internal, prevent cosmetics oxidation deterioration, but also can prevent the cosmetics moisture or essence and other components through the tube diffusion to the outside, so as to ensure the quality of cosmetics.

(2) Low cost.To achieve the same barrier performance, the ABL tube USES less material, lower cost and better economy than PBL tube and the PE extrusion tube.

PBL tube(plastic barrier laminated tube)

PBL tube is composed of plastic components, which is divided into two kinds: the whole plastic non-barrier composite tube and the whole plastic barrier composite tube.Plastic non - barrier composite tube - generally used for low - grade fast - consumption cosmetics Packaging;Due to the existence of edge seam in the tube, the PBL tube is usually used for middle and low grade cosmetic packaging. The barrier layer can be a multi-layer composite material containing EVOHPVDC, oxide coating PET, etc Material.The typical structure of total plastic barrier composite tube is PE/PE/EVOH/PE/PE.The advantages of plastic composite tube are as follows.
(1) Environmental protection.Compared with the aluminum-plastic composite tube, the all-plastic composite tube adopts economical and easily recycled all-plastic sheet material, which can reduce the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste. The recycled all-plastic composite tube can produce relatively low-grade products after reprocessing.
(2) Color diversity.According to the characteristics of cosmetics and different consumer demand, PBL tube can be made into different colors, such as colorless transparent, color transparent, color opaque Etc., bring very strong visual enjoyment to consumer.In particular, transparent plastic composite tube, can clearly see the content of the color state, give people a strong visual impact, greatly promote Consumers' desire to buy.
(3) Good resilience: compared with the aluminum composite hose, the plastic composite hose has better resilience, to ensure that after squeezing out cosmetics, the hose can quickly return to the original shape State, always maintain a beautiful, regular appearance.This is very important for cosmetic packaging.

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Special Design for Lipstick Cosmetic Packaging Container

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Special Design for Lipstick Cosmetic Packaging Container

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