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7 Best Moving Companies in Illinois of 2023

Oct 29, 2023Oct 29, 2023

Whether you’re headed to the big city of Chicago, the tiny town of Carbondale or any point in between, your relocation to Illinois starts with selecting the right moving company for your specific needs. Regardless of the size or distance of your relocation, hiring top-notch professionals can help make your moving experience stress-free.

We at the Guides Home Team have researched dozens of providers to determine our recommendations for the best moving companies nationwide. We then narrowed that list to our top picks for professional movers in Illinois. The companies featured below have all been evaluated on services, pricing and customer service.

If you are most concerned about protecting your belongings during your Illinois move, International Van Lines (IVL) might be a good fit. IVL offers all-risk and total-loss insurance that can provide peace of mind when moving high-value items or heirlooms, particularly long-distance.

All-risk insurance bases reimbursement on the estimated value of your belongings, not the weight, so you will be better compensated if any of them are damaged or lost in transit. Total-loss insurance also covers the full value of your belongings, but it only applies if your entire moving shipment is damaged or destroyed.

International Van Lines provides traditional full-service offerings, such as packing and unpacking and loading and unloading. It also provides special handling for large or valuable items like pianos, fine arts and antiques.

International Van Lines’ services include:

The total weight of your belongings and the distance and date of your move will determine your overall moving cost with International Van Lines.

IVL is transparent with its associated moving fees, listing the cost and frequency of each fee on its website. For example, IVL has industry-standard elevator and stair fees that apply when crews use either or both to transport items from your home or apartment. The elevator fee is a one-time charge of $75, whereas the stair fee is $75 per flight of stairs.

IVL requires an up-front deposit of 25% of your package price. A 10–15% discount on the total cost of your move is available to members of the military. The company accepts credit cards and cash.

Get a Quote: To get an estimate from International Van Lines, request a free quote online.

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Available in the 48 contiguous states, American Van Lines offers local, long-distance and international full-service moves. AVL's unique flat-rate pricing approach guarantees your moving costs will not change after you sign a contract or schedule your move.

American Van Lines invests long-term in its moving crews, which may provide additional assurance to those moving out of state or across the country. Crew members are full-time employees who must complete ongoing training and continued education. According to the company's website, AVL's movers have an average of 10 years of experience.

American Van Lines offers full-service and partial-packing options, plus moving supplies, storage and custom crating. AVL can accommodate local, long-distance and international relocations in every state but Hawaii and Alaska.

American Van Lines’ services include:

Since American Van Lines provides binding estimates, you cannot get an instant quote online or by phone. A binding estimate is the exact amount you will pay on the day of your move. To determine your binding estimate, AVL will review your moving inventory and the distance of your relocation to see how much it will cost to transport those items to your new home.

American Van Lines’ up-front deposits range from industry-standard rates of 10% to half of your total moving cost, depending on the size and location of your move.

Get a Quote: Get started on the quote process with American Van Lines by filling out this simple online questionnaire or calling 877-960-3186.

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JK Moving is a full-service moving company that utilizes technology to provide stellar customer service. The company handles long-distance and international relocations nationwide, but its local moving capabilities are limited to Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C., so it's not a fit for those moving within Illinois. However, JK Moving's financing program makes the company a great option for those making a cross-country or out-of-state move on a tight budget.

JK Moving is the only other provider on our list besides APT Moving that offers financing. Customers may qualify for interest rates as low as 0%, subject to credit approval. If you do not receive a same-as-cash rate, be sure to review JK Moving's offer, as it may make more sense to pay up-front rather than accept higher interest rates that increase your total moving cost over time.

JK Moving offers packing and unpacking and loading and unloading, plus a variety of industry-standard add-on services for long-distance and international moves to or from Illinois.

JK Moving has a user-friendly website and mobile app that streamlines getting started with your move and staying connected during the process. You can use the app to review estimates, make payments, add or change coverage and check the status of your belongings.

JK Moving's services include:

JK Moving considers the size and distance of your move, any specialty items you have, additional services you require and other factors when determining your overall moving cost. Handling of large items such as treadmills and pianos may increase your estimate. The company will not provide an instant moving quote online and requires an in-person or virtual home assessment before giving you a fixed-rate estimate.

Customers can opt for financing or pay with a credit card, cash or check. JK Moving requires a $250 deposit to reserve a moving date.

Get a Quote: Complete this online form or call 571-487-8929 to see if JK Moving can meet your relocation needs.

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As a broker, Moving APT connects customers with pro movers in their area from a network of more than 2,500 providers across the United States. Although Moving APT does not directly provide relocation services, the company acts as a coordinator and oversees each step of your moving process.

Moving APT stands out for its flexible payment options. The company accepts multiple forms of payment, including personal checks and provides a financing option. If you need moving assistance but don't have the budget to pay in full up-front, Moving APT is worth considering: Depending on your credit score, you may be able to spread out the cost of your move over time.

The providers in Moving APT's network have most of the same options as other full-service carriers, including packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, transport and add-on services.

Here is what Moving APT can provide:

You can get a quick quote on Moving APT's website, but it's only a rough calculation. Contact the company to go over the details of your move and get more accurate pricing information or, in many cases, a binding estimate.

Moving APT offers lower rates for moves scheduled well in advance and local moves of 50 or fewer miles. The company also offers discounts for differently abled people, senior citizens, active military and veterans.

You must pay a deposit to book your move with Moving APT, the amount of which varies depending on which company handles your relocation.

Get a Quote: To get started with Moving APT, complete this short questionnaire.

As the longest-running moving company in the United States, Allied Van Lines utilizes an extensive network of third-party, independent pro movers to provide local moves in all 50 states and 130 countries. The company also directly provides long-distance and international full-service moving, partial assistance for do-it-yourselfers and optional add-ons, such as short- and long-term storage and transportation shipping.

AVL ships most vehicles — including cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles and boats — using either open or enclosed carriers. The company also has its own line of steel moving containers, called Allied Express, that are similar to those offered by PODS and U-Pack but include a moving crew to assist with loading and unloading at no extra cost.

Allied Van Lines specializes in long-distance relocations, so the company might not be the best fit for local moves within Illinois. If you’re looking for an estimate, AVL only provides instant quotes for out-of-state moves.

Along with packing and unpacking and loading and unloading, AVL offers a number of add-on options, including vehicle shipping and storage. The company also accommodates partial moves with services such as fragile-only packing and moving kits. Further, AVL's website offers a wealth of tips and resources to help you plan your move.

Allied Van Lines’ services include:

To get a quote from AVL, a relocation consultant will conduct a virtual or in-person tour of your home to calculate the total size and weight of your belongings and note any potential access issues or difficult items. Following the assessment, Allied Van Lines will factor in the distance and date of your move, plus any add-on services to give you a binding estimate reflecting the exact price you will pay on moving day. Be sure to list all items in your shipment inventory, as miscalculating or adding major items after your binding estimate could increase overall costs.

Allied Van Lines accepts cash, credit cards and certified checks. No deposit is required to reserve a moving date.

Get a Quote: Fill out this simple online form or call 877-483-9424 to get started on a more detailed quote with Allied Van Lines.

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North American Van Lines’ (NAVL) simplified claims process provides an added level of reassurance to customers relocating long-distance. If any of your items are lost, damaged or stolen during transport, you can file a claim directly through NAVL's website.

Domestic and international claims forms are easy to find on the website's homepage, which contains information and resources to guide you through the process. NAVL also has a dedicated claims support line for those who prefer to handle claims with a live representative.

NAVL is both a broker and carrier, allowing the company to accommodate local, long-distance and international moves of all sizes nationwide and in more than 130 countries. This means that if NAVL cannot directly handle your relocation request, it will outsource your move to a third-party agent within its network. However, not all moving companies are the same, so your overall experience may vary depending on your location and which agent within NAVL's network assists you.

North American Van Lines offers full-service, fragile-only and DIY packing services. Regardless of which option you choose, you can customize your move with add-on services such as electronics crating and vehicle shipping.

Take a look at some of North American Van Lines’ services below:

North American Van Lines bases cost on the distance, size and date of your move, plus any special handling requests. Other determining factors include the total weight of your items, your home's layout and any accessibility issues.

NAVL gives American Legion members and their immediate family members $100,000 in free contents coverage. Union members and their families can receive packing discounts and up to $50,000 in contents coverage at no extra cost.

One potential downside to North American Van Lines is the up-front cost required to schedule your move. While many of the company's competitors require deposits, NAVL's can run as high as 50% of your total estimated cost, depending on the distance and size of your move.

NAVL accepts cash, credit cards and certified checks.

Get a Quote: Call 877-624-0912 or complete this quick online form for a free quote from North American Van Lines.

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PODS is a great alternative to traditional full-service movers. The moving container company provides delivery and transport for local, long-distance and international moves. As a self-service company, PODS does not provide packing and loading support, although the company can help connect you to hourly labor in your area.

PODS will drop off one or more empty containers at your location, pick them up for you when they’re packed and deliver them to your new home. Since PODS rents its containers on a monthly basis, you will have 30 days to complete your move.

PODS offers containers in three sizes: 8 feet, 12 feet and 16 feet. Containers are all ground-level for easy loading and unloading. PODS can also expertly assist with the unique challenges of metropolitan moves and city-to-city relocations.

PODS’ moving services include:

PODS operates on a flat monthly rental fee schedule, which means there is no option for prorated charges. The company only gives local quotes online, so you must call a customer service representative for estimates on moves further than 50 miles away. Quotes include the monthly rental fee for your containers, plus delivery and pick-up charges. Note that quotes are only valid for one week.

PODS offers free delivery and 15% off rental fees when you purchase at least three months of storage for customers who are moving locally (less than 50 miles away).

PODS accepts payment via credit card. Cash and check payments are accepted at some physical locations.

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When deciding on a professional moving company for your next move, consider what services and features are most important to you. The size and distance of your move, as well as your budget, should all factor into choosing a moving company for your relocation to or from Illinois.

For full-service moves, Allied Van Lines is our recommendation for the overall best Illinois mover due to its widespread availability, variety of add-on services and veteran status in the moving industry. For smaller residential moves, PODS is a convenient, cost-effective option that will accommodate local and long-distance relocations.

Gathering multiple quotes will also help you narrow down the right moving specialist for your specific needs. We recommend reaching out to at least three moving companies to request quotes before making a final decision.

See how the best moving companies compare on key metrics.


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You should start planning a long-distance relocation as soon as possible. At least three months before your scheduled moving day, start developing a budget and researching moving companies. A few weeks before your move, begin sifting through your items and donating or selling anything you don't want to take with you.

It may also be helpful to reach out to your doctors to notify them of your departure and ensure the timely transfer of medical records. You should also call your homeowners insurance provider to confirm your coverage will be transferred to your new home.

A moving broker is an entity that connects you with local moving companies. It differs from a moving carrier in that a carrier provides moving services directly.

National moving companies like International Van Lines and Allied Van Lines are both carriers and brokers. This means that while they can handle certain moves with their own staff members, vehicles and equipment, they can also outsource any requests they are not able to accommodate.

You should schedule movers 15 to 30 days in advance of your preferred moving date for a long-distance relocation. This allows time for a moving consultant or coordinator to conduct an in-home or virtual review of your house and for you to ensure your inventory list is comprehensive.

There is more flexibility with local and intrastate moves. For in-state moves or moves fewer than 50 miles away, seven to 10 days should be sufficient. Keep in mind that the more time you give yourself and your moving company to prepare, the more efficient your move is likely to be.

On moving day, you should put your pets in an out-of-the-way place, such as a guest room or a comfortable crate or carrier. Your veterinarian can provide advice on how to handle an anxious cat or dog during the moving process.

Our team created a comprehensive ratings system to rank moving companies based on industry standards and customer experience. We called each moving company to speak with representatives, simulated the quote process online and over the phone as applicable, reviewed each company's contents protection (insurance) plans, and examined customer reviews for each provider.

After gathering this information and communicating with customer service representatives, we scored each company in the following categories: moving and additional services, mover type, trailers/containers, insurance coverage, payment process, scheduling and geographical availability, additional benefits and reputation.

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