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Oct 05, 2023Oct 05, 2023

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A brand new partnership between Charlotte-based OFFSITEK and Universal Storage Container will fast-track the construction on tiny homes to address affordable housing and homelessness.

"We design and build affordable housing townhomes, single family homes." OFFSITEK CEO Dwight Morgan said. "With the relationship with USC, we're now working in transitional shelters, as well as tiny homes and accessory dwelling units."

Morgan and the president of Universal Storage Container Peter Nemiroff made the announcement and signed a contract onsite at OFFSITEK plant.

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Nemiroff estimates that during the next five years, their agreement will generate about $250 million in revenue, which will add millions of affordable container homes and shelters for people who are victims of natural disasters.

"We're looking forward to making thousands and thousands of units here in Charlotte, for all over the world," Nemiroff exclaimed.

OFFSITEK will used automated robotics and computer-aided designs to churn out the homes in a matter of hours. The plant is able manufacture everything from the medal studs used in the projects to the home frames which streamlines the process.

"There are no rain delays, there's no weather delays inside our factory," Morgan explained. "So the schedule and cost management is precise."

Morgan added the homes will be distributed in Charlotte and around the globe to tackle what he calls a disparity between a growing population and available housing.

"There's a mismatch basically," Morgan said. "And the mismatch is in millions. It's not 10,000, it's millions, there's a several million homes that are needed throughout the entire nation."

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