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Jul 31, 2023Jul 31, 2023

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Text description provided by the architects. With the development of society, the traditional yurt, as the carrier of grassland residence, has been unable to meet the needs of modern life. Its spatial unity and physical properties need to be improved and modified urgently. Des Ger is a light prefabricated building system designed to explore contemporary grassland residences, which is composed of prototype design, space design, and system design.

Prototype Design. Geometric decomposition and reconstruction of the traditional yurt rope system have formed a geometric and modular single building prototype. The traditional yurt consists of a wooden frame system, felt system, and rope system. The design of the Des Ger learns from the formal aesthetics and structural characteristics of the traditional yurt rope system, follows the forward and reverse logic of the rope system, and geometrically decomposes and reconstructs the circular and arched spatial forms in the traditional yurt. And the geometric and modular prototype of a single building is formed eventually.

The domelike space of the traditional yurt is the embodiment of the spiritual world and core value system of nomads, also the wisdom to deal with the natural climate. Geometric reconstruction is used in the design of the Des Ger, which continues the domelike spatial form, and solves the problems of roof drainage, roof snow, and so on. As the circular plane of the traditional yurt will leave negative space when arranging modern furniture, unnecessary negative space is removed to make the space more suitable for modern use functions, and provide more possibilities for the places outside of the yurt.

Integral Design. Expand and reorganize the prototype, liberate the spatial unity of the traditional yurt, and obtain a more diversified and open architectural space. The circular space of a traditional yurt is single, which can not meet the characteristics of private space and multi-functional space of modern life. According to the behavior order in the yurt, four rectangular spaces are implanted in the design of the Des Ger to solve the needs for privacy and versatility. At the same time, the rectangular space also carries the function of connection and expansion between multiple prototype spaces. Therefore, multiple prototype spaces can be combined to obtain a more diversified and open architectural space according to different user requirements.

System Design. New materials and energy systems are embedded in the design to improve the physical properties of the space, such as tightness, thermal insulation, and energy. The main structure of the Des Ger is made of the wooden structure. The maintenance structure adopts new materials, such as aluminum manganese plate, aerogel felt, polystyrene board, and integrated wood board. Combined with the design of the joint structure, the tightness and thermal insulation of the building are ensured. The heating system adopts PTC low-temperature radiant heating film and wireless remote intelligent control system to accurately monitor and collect energy consumption data, and independently calculate and adjust the temperature of each room, realizing green, low-carbon, and economy. By implanting new materials and energy systems into the design, the physical properties of the space, such as tightness, thermal insulation, and energy, are improved.

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