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Walmart is selling a two

Dec 19, 2023Dec 19, 2023

WALMART shoppers can snap up a tiny home kit that costs less than $10,000.

Tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular as renters look to downsize and save costs amid the effects of inflation that continues to squeeze wallets.

Shoppers can buy a pinewood wood storage shed for $8,834.

The stylish timber structure has two stories and comes with fully-functional windows, per Walmart's product description.

Americans worried about hitting their head shouldn't worry as people can move around and work inside the shed.

Walmart has reassured customers that the second-floor loft is strong enough to be walked on.

The shed kit also comes with a standard door and two swing-open doors.

Buyers don't have to build a shed to store tools or do woodwork inside.

Drivers might be able to squeeze one car into the shed, and those with a creative touch can renovate it into a tiny home.

Walmart recommended that buyers cover the structure with acrylic paint, and the wood has already been treated to prevent damage.

Shoppers have been warned that stairs and ladders to the loft are not included in the package.

Customers can personalize the inside of the home as paint and floorboards are also not included.

Walmart is also selling a barn-style tiny home for just over $9,000. All prices are correct at the time of publication.

The supermarket giant is not the only retailer that sells sheds that can be customized into humble abodes.

TikToker Mollie Harris (@mollie_harrisstitch) said she bought a shed that cost $8,500 from Home Depot.

Influencers have gushed about how they’ve changed their lifestyle by downsizing and cutting their costs.

The U.S. Sun reported on how Lorina Priestly built a tiny home on wheels after she had become burnt out from her day job.

She and her husband Jake made a radical change after five busy years of being young professional workers.

They bought a second-hand Mercedes Benz van and transformed it into a home on wheels.

They decked it out with a full-sized standing shower, a place for their dogs to sleep, and modern necessities.

A frugal TikToker (@minihomemonster) found one Home Depot shed that cost $12,629 – which they said is less than a car.

For context, the average price of new cars is $716 per month, while this is $526 for used vehicles, according to Bankrate.

WALMART shoppers can snap up a tiny home kit that costs less than $10,000.