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7 Best Moving Companies for Seniors of 2023

Oct 31, 2023Oct 31, 2023

Reaching retirement age is a milestone. But for many seniors, physical limitations become a consideration in day-to-day activities. If you or an older loved one plans to relocate to a new residence or retirement community, doing so unassisted may prove difficult or even dangerous. Professional movers can help with the heavy lifting.

We at the Guides Home Team have compiled a list of the industry's best moving companies. Our methodology determined which movers stand out among your options.

For senior moving, we ranked companies according to their relocation services, moving assistance, cost, customer support and more.

Here are the movers you can rely on for your relocation needs as a senior citizen:

International Van Lines (IVL) has served customers in all 50 states since 2000. Professional movers strive to transport and deliver your items safely, but contents coverage provides peace of mind should an incident occur. If you can pack on your own or with the help of family members, IVL offers named-perils insurance. This type of coverage provides reimbursement in specific scenarios, such as a moving truck accident or theft resulting in the loss of the entire shipment.

A professional packing service is often a better option for senior moves. You can purchase all-risk insurance when IVL's pro-packing plan is selected, which is a cheaper plan that provides itemized protection for your belongings.

Here are our key pros and cons for IVL:

+ Offers affordable all-risk and total-loss insurance options in addition to free limited-liability coverage

+ Offers up to a 15% senior discount in most cases

+ Is headquartered in Florida, meaning seniors relocating within the state can find hourly rates and city-specific information for local moves via the IVL website

– Has broker authority and may hire third-party movers for some areas of the country

– Requires a steep deposit (25%) when reserving a moving date

International Van Lines offers a full-service package, minimizing personal risk by packing and loading for you. Trained movers box up your belongings with specialty wrapping materials and crating for fragile items. IVL can also unload and unpack when your shipment arrives at your new home or assisted living facility.

Other services include the following:

IVL has an online moving calculator to estimate your moving cost. The actual cost will vary depending on the inventory weight, home size, move distance and truck parking access. An in-home survey of your items or a virtual survey over the phone can improve the accuracy of an estimate. IVL's professional packing service will carry additional fees. You can purchase all-risk and named-perils contents protection plans separately.

Expect to pay a 25% deposit to reserve your moving date.

Get your quote: Get your quote from International Van Lines online, or call 888-375-6309. When you call, ask for more information about contents coverage.

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Founded in 1995, American Van Lines (AVL) provides long-distance moving services to the continental United States. AVL operates as a carrier only, employing full-time team members who average 10 years of moving experience. Employees receive hands-on training

in the moving process, learning how to handle your antiques, art and other fragile items with care.

Preparing for a long-distance move is stressful. But before your moving day arrives, AVL takes steps to make it easier by offering flexible service and pricing options. Customers can self-pack or opt for full packing assistance, including individual wrapping of items as necessary. Flat-rate pricing eliminates the fear of hidden fees being added to the total cost of your move.

Here are a few of our highlights for AVL moving:

+ Schedule deliveries seven days a week

+ Provides transparent pricing

+ Offers GPS tracking for shipping and delivery

– Requires a deposit up to 50%, which varies based on selected services

– Services local moves in limited area of the country

American Van Lines offers customizable moving plans and can coordinate your move from start to finish. The movers take a detailed inventory of the belongings you intend to ship. If you decide that packing items and disassembling furniture yourself is not an option, AVL's full-service movers will do the work.

Other services include the following:

Your final price for a move with American Van Lines depends on the total distance, the weight of your items and the services you select to ensure the most stress-free moving experience. If you request additional services when the move is underway, expect additional billing 30 days after the move.

Get your quote: Call American Van Lines for a free quote at 877-960-3186 or consult the AVL website for more information about long-distance moving services.

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JK Moving Services launched its professional moving service in 1982. The company has taken strides to give its customers a sense of security by running background checks on every prospective employee. A moving coordinator helps you set up your moving plan, whether you or a loved one is downsizing to a home with a more senior-friendly floor plan or moving into a retirement community.

The need for senior moving services can be sudden, and relocation to an assisted living facility is financially challenging for many people. JK Moving offers an easy financing option, teaming up with Enhancify to make moves more affordable. Rates are as low as 0% for some customers, with options from many lenders.

Here are a few of our key highlights about JK Moving:

+ Provides 24/7 customer support, making senior moving less stressful

+ Offers budget-friendly financing options

+ Provides a small moves program that includes free storage for seven days

– Doesn't provide a moving calculator or online quotes

– Offers local moving services, but only in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

JK Moving provides full packing and unpacking services for customers unable to self-pack. Trained movers take care to protect your home's existing condition, using covering materials, floor runners and extra padding. If you have concerns about high-value items, you can request fragile-only packing.

Other services include the following:

JK Moving bases its moving quotes on the weight of belongings slated for shipment, the total quantity of those items and the distance. If you’re moving coast to coast, expect a higher fee. A move consultant can conduct a virtual survey or an in-house consultation to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Get your quote: Call 571-487-8929 for a free quote from JK Moving, and ask about your financing options. You can also get started with JK Moving's online form.

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North American Van Lines (NAVL) is a recognized name in the moving industry, tracing its beginnings to 1933. Moves for seniors are stressful, and nothing adds to the frustration like going through a complicated claims process for lost or damaged items. NAVL has links to claims forms at the bottom of its home page for domestic and international moving services. Filing a claim is straightforward, and you can call a dedicated phone line for any claims-related questions or concerns.

In your search for a senior moving company, you may consider add-on services that will facilitate a smoother transition into your new living space. Your relocation specialist at NAVL can set you up with installation and assembly services outside the scope of many moving companies. In addition to furniture disassembly and reassembly, NAVL can coordinate professional appliance installation and cleaning services.

Here are a few of our highlights for NAVL moving:

+ Facilitates a quick and painless claims-filing process

+ Personalizes your moving services with relocation specialists

+ Provides several pricing options

– Operates as a carrier and broker, outsourcing some services when agents are unavailable

– Receives mixed customer reviews, with negative experiences often related to the brokering of third-party services

North American Van Lines offers full- and self-service relocation options or a combination of both types of service. For instance, if you prefer self-packing, you can forgo the full-service package but still bring in a trained moving crew to handle fragile or delicate items. Standard and specialty packing is available through NAVL.

Other services include the following:

NAVL calculates the fees for the total weight of your items and the mileage of your move. A relocation specialist then combines this baseline transportation cost with the price for additional services and elected valuation coverage. NAVL offers binding and non-binding estimates — or you can opt for customized pricing.

Get your quote: Start your free North American Van Lines quote online or call 877-624-0912. While you’re on the NAVL website, take a look at the easy-to-use claims forms.

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Allied Van Lines is a nationwide and international moving company, providing relocation services for the better part of a century. An Allied move consultant will help you determine everything you need for a better moving experience, such as full-service moving assistance or temporary living accommodations. If you’re downsizing to a smaller home, Allied offers storage solutions, including short-term container storage with Allied Express.

A two-to-four-person crew of trained movers loads and unloads the storage containers, making Allied Express an excellent option for many seniors. Allied Van Lines accepts several payment methods and requires no advance deposit. Comprehensive insurance coverage is available for purchase.

Here are a few key notes about Allied:

+ Guarantees delivery dates for many locations

+ Provides moving assistance for container storage

+ Can set you up with home search assistance if you’re planning an unexpected move

– Necessitates booking six to eight weeks in advance of your move to avoid extra charges or scheduling delays

– Requires full payment for binding estimates before loading or upon delivery

Allied Van Lines can help with each phase of your move. If you request packing and loading assistance, the Allied team will take extra care to protect fragile items. This includes using specialty packing and wrapping materials, such as stretch wrap for upholstery. If you decline full-service assistance, Allied has packing materials for purchase.

Other services include these:

You can use Allied's online InstaQuote form to get an estimate for the cost of your move. The weight of the items, the total distance of the move, and the inclusion of professional packing services factor into the final cost. Expect to pay more for additional insurance coverage. There is a surcharge for moving bulky articles and for extra labor.

Get your quote: Get an InstaQuote online from Allied or call 877-483-9424. Make sure to ask about Allied's convenient storage options when you call.

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U-Pack is a self-service moving company, setting its customers up with shipping containers called ReloCubes. The containers are small enough to fit inside a standard parking spot but can fit king-size mattresses and most sofas. The maximum weight limit for a ReloCube is 2,500 pounds, and you can rent multiple containers as necessary for your move. A larger U-Pack trailer is also available for customers with more significant space requirements.

The small footprint of U-Pack shipping containers simplifies moving out of high-traffic cities or into active senior living communities. Even if there is no space for door-to-door shipping, you can make arrangements with U-Pack to ship or pick up items at the closest service center.

Here are our key notes on U-Pack:

+ Prices according to space used in the Relocube or trailer and not by weight

+ Delivers shipments typically in two to five business days

+ Includes senior moving tips on its website

– Gives only three business days to load before U-Pack picks up ReloCubes for delivery

– Doesn't ship vehicles (except for motorcycles and ATVs that fit into shipping containers)

U-Pack expects customers to load shipping containers and trailers on their own. However, if you need moving assistance, you can contact U-Pack for referrals to local movers who will help load. After dropping off the shipping containers, a driver will pick up the shipment within three business days to begin delivery.

Other services include these:

Unlike many moving companies, U-Pack calculates the price for moving services based on the space used in shipping containers rather than the weight of the shipment. The location of your move will also factor into your quote. There are no hidden fees for fuel surcharges or drivers. Moving dates scheduled during busier seasons may reflect in the final cost.

Get your quote: Request your free quote from the U-Pack website, and read how ReloCubes will make your life easier when moving to a new city.

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In business since 2003, uShip takes a different approach than our other picks for best senior moving companies. Operating neither as a carrier nor broker, uShip instead designed an online marketplace. Seniors planning a move can use this marketplace to connect with companies willing to provide the requested moving services.

An advantage of this approach is that customers gain significant savings by choosing carriers that work within their budget. For seniors with sudden life changes, this can reduce stress. Whether shipping household goods to a new home or a vehicle across the country, carriers using uShip will bid on the services you need.

Here are a few key pros and cons of uShip:

+ Connects you with overall lower prices since companies bid on the services you need

+ Provides a marketplace with wide range of shipping, delivery and storage options

+ Offers many possible solutions for difficult-to-ship items

– Requires a booking deposit or full payment upon scheduling

– Allows any carrier with a license to join the open marketplace, meaning customers must vet companies themselves

You choose your services with uShip, sharing the details about your prospective shipment on the marketplace. Interested bidders will respond to your listing with their shipping policies and available moving services.

Other services include these:

The cost for uShip varies depending on provider bids. Not every company on the marketplace provides full insurance coverage options. uShip offers supplementary contents coverage.

Get your quote: Request an estimate from uShip, or see the many options available on the marketplace, including vehicle shipping.

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Full-service and self-service movers differ in how much of the heavy lifting they do.

Employees from the moving provider can help you relocate from start to finish. You will not have to pack your boxes, load the truck or unload. Most full-service moving companies also unpack and assemble your furniture inside the new residence. Some movers will even coordinate appliance installation and cleaning services. It's more expensive to hire a full-service mover. But for senior moving, full service is often a better option.

With a self-service moving company, you will benefit from considerable savings. The mover delivers your items to the new residence, but you are responsible for most other steps in the moving process. If loading heavy items proves too dangerous or difficult, many providers will refer you to a third party for moving assistance. Self-service is often a great option for smaller moves.

Moving is never easy, but seniors face distinct challenges. Full-service providers such as International Van Lines (IVL) are an asset when self-packing and loading are not realistic options. IVL will take care of your moving needs with minimal stress on your end, offering comprehensive insurance plans for your peace of mind. American Van Lines is another excellent pick based on our research, operating as a carrier-only, meaning you can rest assured that your movers are vetted and have many years of experience.

Major life changes happen fast as you get older, and not everyone is in a financial position to pay for a large move all at once. If you are relocating to an assisted living facility, paying for a move can be overwhelming. JK Moving impressed us with its commitment to accessible and affordable financing options.

All the companies we researched have their strengths, and we recommend contacting at least three moving providers for quotes and more information before making a final decision.

Using a self-service provider is the most cost-effective way to move on a budget. But if self-service is beyond your means, we recommend looking into financing options for a full-service moving company.

Aside from hiring a full-service mover, you can look into which companies coordinate additional services, such as house cleaning, appliance installation and affordable storage.

A senior move manager can provide additional relocation assistance beyond what individual moving companies will provide. Find more information at The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM).

Our team created a comprehensive ratings system to rank moving companies based on industry standards and customer experience. We called each moving company to speak with representatives, simulated the quote process online and over the phone as applicable, reviewed each company's contents protection (insurance) plans, and examined customer reviews for each provider.

After gathering this information and communicating with customer service representatives, we scored each company in the following categories: moving and additional services, mover type, trailers/containers, insurance coverage, payment process, scheduling and geographical availability, additional benefits and reputation.