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Dabbsson’s new Home Backup Power Station is here to keep your lights on

Sep 08, 2023Sep 08, 2023

What do you do when the lights go out? When the snow became too much for the power lines as a kid, I remember candles and Primus stoves. In today's world of high-tech electrification, we’re going in a slightly different direction and Dabbsson today announced its new Portable Home Backup Power Ecosystem, which harnesses the charging and storage technology from electric vehicles to ensure that you won't be without energy in a blackout.

Dabbsson's Portable Home Backup Power Ecosystem comprises three elements: First, there is the Portable Home Backup Power Station. It has a base capacity of 2,330Wh, which is expandable to 8,330Wh, with a 2,200 watt steady power delivery, and can deliver up to 4400 watts worth of surge output. Second comes the Smart Expandable Battery. Up to two expandable batteries can increase the Portable Home Backup Power Station's capacity to 5,330Wh and 8,330Wh, with one and two additional batteries, respectively. Finally there's a solar panel. The system can be charged via multiple means — from AC power in around two hours, but to ensure that batteries remain charged whatever the duration of a blackout, compatible solar charging panels are available. Modular solar options range from 200W to 3,000W, covering the needs of most households.

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Dabbsson states that its Portable Home Backup Power System can power up to 15 devices simultaneously. The company claims this makes it 30% more powerful than traditional products of the same capacity.

"As our world continues to face new and unpredictable energy challenges and disruptions, we’re committed to helping consumers and their families feel safer and more secure with reliable, high-performance power solutions," said Sam Lam, head of Global Markets at Dabbsson in a statement to TechCrunch.

I’ve been testing out the power station and an additional battery, along with the company's 200W solar panel. The overall system isn't quite as powerful or flexible as a full-house battery system, but it's certainly a lot more powerful than the smaller, more portable solutions that are flooding the market from all directions.

"Our vision is to introduce new innovations in decentralized home energy, with modular and renewable energy options to suit every household," said Lam. "We want to provide sustainable alternatives to consumers who are committed to reducing their carbon footprint while increasing their energy autonomy — without sacrificing on performance or reliability."

For Dabbsson, these portable power solutions are the first step in its plans to expand decentralized energy provision, with the aim being for households and apartments to run entirely off-grid.