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Hydrex Conducts Underwater Stern Tube Seal Repair In

Jun 09, 2023Jun 09, 2023

June 5, 2023

Hydrex diver/technician taking shaft weardown reading.

Last month, a Hydrex diver team carried out an underwater stern tube seal repair on a ro-ro ship berthed in Algeciras, Spain.

The ship was suffering from an oil leak, making an on-site repair necessary. Using a Hydrex flexible mobdock, the team was able to carry out the entire operation on-site and underwater, saving the owner an expensive and time-consuming trip to drydock.

Once the operation was approved, all preparations were handled swiftly and the lightweight equipment was mobilized almost immediately from the company's fast response center.

The operation started with a thorough underwater inspection of the stern tube seal assembly, and removal of the rope guard. The divers then cleaned the assembly and installed the flexible mobdock, thus creating a dry underwater environment where they could work in drydock-like conditions.

The split ring was removed and brought to the surface to be cleaned. After cleaning the entire assembly, the divers removed the first seal and replaced it with a new one which was then bonded. They then did the same for the other seals. A successful operation was concluded with leakage tests, the removal of the flexible mobdock and the reinstallation of the rope guard.

Working together with the OEM allowed Hydrex to provide their customer with original spare parts which guarantees the best quality material. A technician from the seal manufacturer was present during the operation.

Taking advantage of the Hydrex flexible mobdock technique, the entire operation could be completed with the ship afloat and carrying out normal operations. The required equipment is ready to be transported at all times, so no time was lost making preparations.

Hydrex organizing everything from start to finish meant the owner did not have to worry about making any arrangements for the repair. After the seals had been successfully replaced, the vessel sailed to its next stop free of oil leaks.