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Sandersville couple building tiny homes to help homeless veterans

Dec 17, 2023Dec 17, 2023

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Georgia — You might call it a "field of dreams."

Kevin Lawrence and his wife Nakena plan to build 18 tiny homes for homeless veterans on six-acres of family land.

"Something I always wanted to do, something I'm not going to give up on just because it's hard," Kevin said.

It is a long road to the goal.

"I looked at the numbers and I don't think it's unrealistic," Nakena said.

This is a million-dollar project still in its infancy stage.

The Lawrences say they've got $7,000 in the bank.

One tiny home costs $30,000. They do have a fundraiser golf tournament scheduled in July.

They hope the tournament, coupled with grants and community donations, will get them to open up their first home in a year.

"We took down quite a few. As of now, we've got a pile right there, we've still got to get a good many more to take down," Kevin surmised.

They've got a pile of trees and debris and they say they've cleared a hurdle with the county.

"Down here in the country, you can only put a four-bedroom house on an acre of land. 'Could we put four bedrooms each in a tiny house, which is four bedrooms on one acre of land?' and they said we can do it," he calculated.

They also had a meeting with the Dublin Veterans Administration to pinpoint people that may need some help.

"The VA will bring them down there and let them decide if they actually want to live here or not," he projected.

It's only a few minutes from town, so with a big vision, veterans may choose to call Washington County home.