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Semi tears through Utah building after brake failure

May 03, 2023May 03, 2023

by: Derick Fox

Posted: Jun 5, 2023 / 08:16 AM MDT

Updated: Jun 5, 2023 / 08:20 AM MDT

GARDEN CITY, Utah (ABC4) – An semi-truck barreled through a Garden City structure after the driver said the truck's brakes quit working late last week.

According to Utah Highway Patrol, the incident happened just after 5 p.m. on Friday, June 2 in Garden City, near Bear Lake. The driver barreled through a light while traveling eastbound at the intersection of SR-30 and SR 89.

The truck reportedly crashed through a parking lot and a fence before tearing through some storage sheds. It went through another parking lot before crashing into the corner of a condo and a 1,000-gallon propane tank and coming to a stop.

The driver of the semi-truck was taken to the hospital by an ambulance with non-life-threatening injuries. Utah Highway Patrol said a passenger in the semi-truck suffered serious injuries and was flown to a local hospital.

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Authorities have not updated the two's condition. No other injuries have been reported as a result of the crash.

The propane tank reportedly suffered leaks after the crash, prompting evacuations of nearby residencies.

Several miles ahead of the intersection are a brake check area and a runaway truck ramp. According to the driver of the truck, the semi-truck's brakes had failed but because of the truck's speed and traffic in the area, the driver was unable to use the runaway ramp.

The intersection has had a history of runaway semi-trucks. In May 2022, a runaway semi-truck rolled over after a brake failure. The driver in that crash had tried to turn left at the light, but rolled onto the passenger side of the truck. There were no injuries.

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