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Technical tours offered to attendees

Jan 19, 2024Jan 19, 2024

By Jack Burke06 June 2023

Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute on schedule

Attendees of the CIMAC Congress have an opportunity to take tours that highlight large engine technology. The two options during this year's event are on Friday, June 16 and have a cost of US$120 per person.

Since its foundation in 1972, Hyundai Heavy Industries turned a small fishing village into one of the busiest place in Korea. Hyundai Heavy Industries is a leader in the global shipbuilding industry with a wide range of product lineup that offers any type of ship desired by customers.

07:30 Departure from Busan, start of tour

09:00 Course A - Culture Center: History & Introduction

09:45 Course B - Culture Center 1F: Visit Exhibition Hall

10:20 Course C - Yard Tour (move from Cultural center to Engine factory)

11:20 Course D - Engine Factory Tour + Yard Tour (move from Engine factory to Cultural Center)

11:30 Pickup Lunch & Gift

13:30 Busan arrival and end of tour

KOMERI is a specialized production technology research institute established in 2001 by the Industrial Technology Innovation Promotion Act under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy with its aim to contribute to marine and offshore industries through comprehensive support including technical development and test certification of marine equipment.

KOMERI contributes to improving national competitiveness in shipbuilding and marine industry through preemptive technical development and constructing the foundation of test certification as well as international standardization activities in new leading business such as environmental friendly ship, Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship(MASS), hydrogen-fueled ship and new renewable energy. Also, in response to diversification of foreign markets, KOMERI is also making efforts in technical cooperation projects with global regions.

09:00 Departure from Busan "BEXCO" Start of tour

10:00 Course A – Advanced-Green Technology Center

11:00 Course B – Fuel Gas Technology Center

12:00 Pickup Lunch & Gift

13:20 Busan arrival End of tour

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