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Sep 13, 2023Sep 13, 2023

"I wish I had owned this hose many years ago."

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Aside from paying attention to the sunlight needs of the vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs you plant, the key to a thriving garden is regular watering. Though it sounds like an easy task on any to-do list, watering your garden can quickly turn into a true chore if you're relying on a heavy hose that also tends to leak and kink. Thankfully, Amazon shoppers are all too eager to rave about one of their favorite garden hoses, which is currently on sale for just $33.

The Gardguard expandable garden hose has almost 10,400 perfect ratings and nearly 3,000 five-star reviews, and the popular choice is currently the top-selling option in Amazon's Garden Hoses category. Shoppers like the hose because it has a latex inner core and a strong polyester outer covering that together allow the hose to expand from 17-feet to 50-feet, an ideal length for watering a garden with ease. Plus, when it's not filled, the hose weighs just under 3 pounds.

Buy It: Gardguard 50-Foot Expandable Garden Hose, $33 (was $40), Amazon

"This makes using the hose so easy and hassle free that I've actually been watering my plants and hosing down my porch regularly," wrote one five-star reviewer. They added that their favorite feature of the hose is that it doesn't kink. "They are lightweight, easy to use, easy to maneuver around the yard or patio, and super easy to drop on the ground or in a garden bowl after we're finished," wrote a shopper who replaced all of their previous hoses with Gardguard models.

Not only does the hose easily uncoil and recoil when not in use thanks to its ability to expand and retract, but it also comes with a ready-to-use 10 pattern hose nozzle. The nozzle allows you to choose the best watering pattern for your garden's needs, and it also has a stent that keeps the water flowing without cramping your hand whenever it's in use.

"The nozzle that is included is the very best nozzle I have ever used," said a happy shopper. They added, "I wish I had owned this hose many years ago."

Although the hose has plenty of excellent features that work on their own, there are also a few ways you can keep your Gardguard hose in great shape, according to the brand. First, make sure to allow any excess water to flow through the hose once your watering session is complete. Next, consider storing your hose inside if the temperatures in your area dip below 41-degrees Fahrenheit or soar above 114-degrees Fahrenheit. The brand even sends a bag with the hose for easy storage inside your home, garage, or shed.

Whether you're exploring your favorite hobby or you're simply trying to tend to the plants outside, gardening can feel like a chore with the wrong hose. But for just $33, you can swap out your heavy, kinking garden hose for a Gardguard hose that's flexible, expandable, and lightweight to make watering a breeze.

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