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Tiny home community pops up near Randolph Air Force Base

Dec 26, 2023Dec 26, 2023

This Henley model tiny home in the Elm Trails subdivision comes in just 660 square feet.

Amid a housing market that is in the middle of playing catch up as home sale prices and inventory rise while sales drop, this new community just outside of San Antonio is thinking affordability comes in smaller packages. Welcome to Elm Trails, a small community south of Converse and Schertz, with nearly 120 lots for tiny homes.

This new subdivision from home builder Lennar off Walzem Road is offering two models of tiny homes called the Cooley and the Henley, neither of which are over 700 square-feet. The prices of these one-bedroom homes start at $159,000 and the landing page for Elm Trails shows that seven lots have been sold as of writing this article.

This is the Cooley model of tiny homes that you'll find in Elm Trails. It's smaller than the Henley model.

The Cooley model is 350 square-feet, while Henley model is almost almost double the size at 661 square-feet. With only one-bedroom it doesn't appear that these homes are geared toward families, but they do have most of basic necessities for single professional or a young couple with no kids.

This is the living room inside the Cooley model. Yes. That's a ladder in the living room.

Each home comes with a kitchen with stainless steel appliances, living room space, a bathroom (one or two depending on the model), a space for a washer and dryer tower, and a loft. The loft in the Henley model is accessible by stairs while the Cooley model requires you to climb a ladder, which could be difficult for those with a disability.

The bedroom in the Cooley model is spacious enough for what looks like a queen size bed.

San Antonio's median home price is sitting around $340,000 as housing inventory has increased at a "breakneck" pace, according to a March report. People on Facebook have taken notice of the tiny homes, some saying that you'd be better off renting a loft in New York City with a view.

"They give 'small student NY loft' vibes," Valerie Guerra said on Facebook.

You will get most of what you need out of this kitchen in the Henley model.

Julian R. Braver, who jut arrived from San Francisco, said on Facebook that San Antonio's home prices are "hilarious," adding "It's like buying a house in the 1950s." Another person just wanted enough space for their cars.

"I'm okay with a tiny home but I need a three-car garage for my toys," Tim Pwnall said.