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Would you pay $43K for this Home Depot tiny house?

Jun 15, 2023Jun 15, 2023



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A prefab house being sold for a bit of a steal has grabbed the internet's attention.

As a brand, Home Depot is generally thought of as a chain hardware store, but a recent tweet went viral for calling attention to one of the company's lesser-known products: Tiny houses.

The model mentioned in the May 31 post — which has acquired more than 31,000 likes — is a 540-square-foot one-bedroom with a roof deck, a steel frame and a cabin guest house.

The lot-less unit is asking an oddly specific, but an enticingly cheap, $43,832.

Known as the Getaway Pad, the structure "is designed for easy assembly on your own concrete slab" and does not include any finishings — doors, windows, electric, plumbing or finishes — according to its product details.

Although it comes with pre-assembled steel panels, the building is certainly not ideal for those among us who quiver at the thought of putting together Ikea furniture. But then, in this real estate market, it's hard not to be tempted by the possibility.

In the comments, Twitter users contemplated various ways to make the house into a real home, naming places where land is cheap and strategies to turn the prefab place into an investment property.

"How easy would it be to have 3 of these on the same lot and just rent them out and AirBnB them," one individual offered.

Many others compared the home to the Sears home kits of yesteryear.

Similarly, Home Depot has a whole roster of tiny, prefab homes on offer, many cheaper than the Getaway Pad.

For just over $12,400, there's the 170-square-foot Phoenix model, which a rendering imagines as an extremely compact one-bedroom with just enough space for a shower, but not a kitchen.

Or for just under $10,000 there's the Dallas, although at just 100 square feet, the rendering dare not call this even a tiny home, but a "shed house."